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JavaScript skeleton(starter, example) using Express and Chaplin

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If you want to start a project in pure JavaScript it is one of the options of project structure. I was faced with this problem, considered a lot of projects and collect this one.
The project structure is divided into two parts, the frontend and backend. This two parts are very similar in structure using MVC. The app works on the principle of building ui based on data from the backend as JSON.
Also in this project you can find a few examples (authorization using passport, test coverage on frontend, etc.)
And of course Demo ( fast review

Posted & filed under frameworks . shows all popular JavaScript frameworks (in the way of app todolist (with code)) that can build your app using a lot of JavaScript calling backend throw api for data. So I waste a week to make fast review of this frameworks and choose what I prefer for building not small app.

In part JavaScript Apps I can underline several frameworks (Backbone.js, AngularJS, Ember.js, KnockoutJS, Ext.js, Sammy.js) other frameworks I don't like because they dont have good doc, tutorials, old or just I dont like their structure, code so on.
So AngularJS and KnockoutJS they are using DOM bindings (I dont like this way events work) I think its cool for building something like calculator but for big apps with business logic its very hard and also I didn't find big app based on this two frameworks (give me a link) but as I know AngularJS has a big help from google so Its very popular.
Ext.js I think because its closed and because it has a lot of components and for building app with own html its not good so it make sence to use this framework if you use Ext.js components like Grids and so on.
Sammy.js it very tiny, has plugins, very similar to Backbone.js without Model and Collection, so I like it for small apps but for big apps I think it will be hard.
Ember.js I like that they have Model with relation like HAS_ONE and so on and also I like templates some features. But after I started looking inside Router, Controller, View I understand that logic is very complicated and I dont like it.
Backbone.js I work a lot with this lib so its very simple and I like its structure, but for big apps you have to use something over.

Next go to part Compile To JavaScript I like CoffeeScript as well as JavaScript so I want to underline what I like Spine.js and Batman.js. Spine.js may be the same as Backbone.js but Controller in Spine.js equal to View in Backbone.js.
Batman.js has structure like Rails in some way and I really liked this framework but can't understand why in TodoList example they make all logic in Controller but not separate it to Controller View.
Google framework like GWT and Dart shows how we can write JS in Java syntax and its very funny.
TypeScript I like it but making typing in language without it, I cant figur out what for?

In part MVC Extension Frameworks there are three frameworks based on Backbone.js so
Thorex I dont like because they suggest using Lumbard but I dont like this way of building app and it didn't give me a reason why I have to use it over Backbone.js.
Marrionet very complicated. I don't like structure, it has some components that I found unnecessary like ItemView, and I didn't find big good examples.
ChaplinJS has good structure, has good big examples and I realy like this framework.

In part Module Loaders I can see using RequireJS with some frameworks and I think that its very good practice to use RequireJS because its makes strucuture of app looks better.

In part Real-time I see that I have to wait some time to see good framework for building big server/client js app. So for me those frmameworks is raw.

P.S. I just want to underline some frameworks that liked Backbone.js, Batman.js and ChaplinJS. They have structure that I really like.

Lightly touching C#, .NET and ASP.NET

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C# was last programming language to learn for me. So I started looking for some books and it didn't take much time. So I made some small review of books.

1. Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

This book shows how to work in visual studio and there are a lot of small tutorials. This book just gives you some small examples with c# and visual studio. So if you want to introduce yourself to C# its for you. Mark 4

2. Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework

Very cool book I liked it. It starts with simple C# than advanced and then .NET. Some chapters were hard and something I didn't understand but I improve it if I will work with C#. And also there are a lot of examples. Mark 5

3. Beginning ASP.NET 4.5

This part of .NET interested me. So I decided to read book about. About 300+ pages was about C# )). So I started reading from 300+. Book made me clear to understand what it is. But this book don't include MVC and I was disappointed. I was disappointed in ASP.NET because there are a lot of examples that I can make it with javascript why there are using c# and there own tags. Mark 4

P.S. I like C# (much better than JAVA), Visual Studio. But It has one big problem it works on Windows.

Lightly touching Spring and Play

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My adventure to Java word is finished, after acquaintance with Spring and Play. So some words about this frameworks.

1. Spring At the beginning I went to official web site and there I found "Get Started". So there I found screencasts and tutorials but there were awful, and I dont know what to do next but then I went to google and type "Spring book"  and It show me StakeOverflow discussion, so there was link to "Pro Spring 3".

So I tell you some words about Spring based on book. Spring is not just for web projects it has many components that would help in different projects, so this book shows how to use some of the components (mvc, data, integration, security, roo, etc) in examples. So I read the chapter -> run the example -> than look inside the code and try to understand what happening. It has very good examples, one of them is writing "Spring blog". So I like this book there are a lot of examples.

2. Play

My acquaintance with Play was one day so I just pass tutorial to understand what it is and was trying to find a book but there was no result. So my opinion Play is for writing small web sites but I will use PHP or etc but not Java.


As I understand to be a good Java developer you have to be guru in Spring framework. And that cool that language have only one leading framework (as rails in Ruby but its different) that helps you in your projects. But after Ruby, Python and PHP I won't use Java in my projects. Bad side is that Eclipse is bad ide and Java(Spring) works a lot with xml.

Small review of JavaScript Client Side Frameworks

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Currently I am doing client javascript. We were starting a new big project so I had to decide what framework I would use in this project so I chose 4 frameworks to look through and also I had experience with Backbone. I also have read article Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle

1. Ember

It was first I started with documentation as I always do. After reading documentation I understood very little because examples were a little so it was hard. After documentation I went to API after that I started looking forward for project examples on github but I found just todo project. So my understanding of Ember was bad and examples were a little. So I cant started doing project using Ember without understanding how to or some big project examples.

2. AngularJS

I didn't like at the begging because It works with dom elements. And after Backbone I I didn't like way how it works so I rejected it after watching todo project.

3. Spine

I liked this framework. It has good documentation and its better to use coffee in projects. But It's very simular to Backbone so I didn't find reason why I have to use Spine if Backbone more popular and so on.

4. Backbone

Its the most popular, it has a lot of big examples and its simple to use. But on big projects Backbone don't have many things so you have to write a lot by yourself.


My choice was Brunch with Chaplin (based on Backbone) and it has coffee as a main language. For big project Backbone is weak so we need to use some help tools.

Java Books

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I have read several books or just watched inside code of Java books. So I will make some discussion about this books.

This book very simple and it shows standart basic programming also shows how to work with databases and very simple web development. In this book you can find how to install java and manipulate it only for windows. But I think it has not good structure.

Mark 4

This book doesn't show the basic programming. I think this book you can read if you know basics and you just want to found out something more but it doesnt take you long time. Also this book has Android part (but it shows very basic).

Mark 4

It shows very basic. And it has more 1000 pages. So for newb it will be good book but I think it will take him long time to read. Also it has good examples of warking with arrays, but I dont find in this book part with "Thread".

Mark 4

It was my last book of Java. Also this book has 9 edition but I couldn't find it. So I started read 8th. This book is very cool for newb I never read so simple and it also has good structure. It has many examples. After each parts it has simple tasks. So I think this book would be good choice for somebody who doesn't know what is it programming and it doesn't scare him or her. Also I don't find in this book "Thread" but I think it will scare newb so they exclude.

Mark 4+


For me Java very similar to another languages like PHP, C# ... so if you work with this languages you will understand Java very fast.

RubyonRails Books

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I have read three books that were chosen very properly so I am going to tell you about them !

First book was Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) mark 4/5

I like this book. It has tutorial on about 260 pages and about 200 pages of documentation that I ignored. The hardest part of book was deployment (I was making it on CentOS). Tutorial was making internet shop with ajax and default Rails testing.

You can see my source code on github

Next book was Rails 3 in Action mark 3/5

It was hard book that consists of one tutorial of making ticket system. This book shows only some part of tutorial code so you have to look inside github repository for adding your project. It uses Rspec and Cucumber for testing and includes some gems (device for auth, cancan for acl etc).

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github

 Last book was Ruby on Rails Tutorial mark 5/5

Its perfect tutorial that give you all basic knowledge how to build website on Rails. It shows Rspec testing and basic knowledge of Rails. My opinion you cant do Rails without reading this tutorial.

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github


P. S.  I like Rails its growing rapidly and it has many gems so it never be boring. Also there is several books that I am going to read. They going to be released soon Rails Recipes: Rails 3 Edition by Chad Fowler (Paperback - Apr 7, 2012), Learning Rails 3 by Simon St.Laurent (Paperback - Jun 22, 2012) and The Rails View: Creating a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience by Bruce Williams and John Athayde (Paperback - Apr 6, 2012)

Sinatra Ruby

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It is very small framework but I think it has all needed things for building website. Also it is very light, you can see it on main page of Sinatra Framework that has example. It has good documentation full of examples. Also I found out that Heroku  helps Sinatra. You can try it be tutorials that I found:, Sinatra has two books "Sinatra: Up and Running" on Amazon (you will find tutorial when you would read last chapter so I build it and you can watch source code and another book on Sinatra website.

Sinatra really cool web framework that has good support.

CI CMS Ionize and Halogy

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Long time ago I used CI framework for a site. Now I have to write site on my work so I decided to use CI as a framework. But I didn't start writing only watching documentation, I decided to watch inside cms that were writing on this framework (I found about ten), so I choose Ionize and Halogy.

First I choose Ionize because it has good interface and installation was very easy but when I started looking inside the code I saw a big mass. Admin part interface realize with using Mootools as a js framework and MochaUI as a user-interface. So all admin part made by ajax request so I didn't like it because ajax request don't do one big js engine. It happens this way you press link -> js calls ajax request -> it receive big part html with js and change some html that exists with received data. So I stop go forward. Thanks Ionize with it help I watch many information about Mootools and really like plugins.

So after disappointed about Ionize cms I start looking into the code of Halogy cms. It has HMVC patter that I never met (like MVC but groups in folders as modules). So from the beggining it was easy and clear to understand. Code clear and has many comments so I like it. If you want learn CI framework you should look inside this cms.

P.S. I think CI is best framework for small websites or for programmers that like writing websites on clear php. For big project I think CI doesn't suitable. CI also gives freedom in writing code, its very easy for beginner, have good documentation, but it has very small functionality versus frameworks like Yii CakePHP...